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Our Mission

Using the most sophisticated computer technology, provide comprehensive accounts receivable management services at highly competitive rates, using a positive and productive approach, to achieve maximum recovery.


At Outsource Receivables Management people are our most important asset. Founded in 1961 by Wayne H. Green, and still owned by the family today, Outsource has grown to over 40 collection counselors, computer programmers, managers and support staff. Outsource is a Utah based corporation with corporate headquarters located in the heart of Ogden, Utah. as well as a branch location in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 


Our continuing goal has been the development of unique and innovative solutions of debt recovery. Our over 50 years of experience in the accounts receivables business, as well as our in-depth knowledge of collections practices and strategies, allows us to actively contribute to and participate in the ongoing design of effective recovery strategies for the twenty first century. Throughout our long and prosperous history, Outsource has focused on two primary goals


  • Provide our clients with comprehensive accounts receivables management services


  • Provide our clients, and consumers we contact, superb customer service and support.


We strive to maintain a relationship with our clients that promotes a working partnership between Outsource and our client's office.

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